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Ancaster Mill Wedding

Here’s a beautiful wedding at the Ancaster Mill restaurant.  This was shot in November and it was pretty cold for that time of the year.  The whole wedding party braved the cold to make sure the couple was going to get great shots.




No matter how good a photographer is, they can’t be in two places at once.  Usually if you have two photographers, there’s the one you choose because you loved their work, then there’s the “other” photographer.  With Josh Cornell and Corey Wright you have two extremely experienced photographers who together can deliver a final product that cannot be matched by any wedding photographer team in North America.










Below are two examples of great moments being captured at exactly the same time!

















We do our best to get great shots of everything you spent so much time choosing for your wedding.






  This wedding day was shot both by Josh Cornell and Corey Wright.  They are Canada’s best shooting team for wedding still photography.  We are both first shooters with 20 years experience shooting fashion, music, commercial and wedding photography.

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