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One of the advantages to shooting your engagement or wedding photos downtown Toronto is there are many locations with different feelings to them within very short distances from one another.  Toronto is a very green city with tons of mature trees, parks, the lakeshore, shiny new buildings as well as the wonderful old ones dotting the downtown core.  All this means you can have a lot of variation to your photos within a short period of time.  Hind and Jimmy chose to shoot between a few areas near The Distillery District located in the east end of downtown Toronto.  The up side to shooting there is within those few square blocks, you have a lot of distinct, artsy spots to shoot in front of.  Charming restaurants, art galleries and cute stores selling a myriad of things, as well as several interesting large art pieces and architecturally different buildings to keep things interesting in your photos.  Of course the one challenge is the number of people that are there regularly because this is one of the more popular areas of downtown Toronto in recent years.  My suggestion if possible is to go there on a weekday during the afternoon if crowds bother you.

Very near is Cherry Beach.  Many may know this area because there is a great dog park there!  I love dogs!  A wide open space open to the beach where you can let your dog off its leash.  Don’t worry if your there to take pictures, there is a fence around the dog park.  The opposite of The Distillery District, it is usually fairly quite.  Big mature trees right on Lake Ontario’s shores.  Photographing here can feel like you aren’t this close to the core of Toronto as you are.  If you look, there’s the city.  However, there are many angles where you don’t see the city at all, so your pictures can feel like you left the city for some distant destination down the coast.  Cherry Beach is  great place to go for photos if you want tot feel like your not in the city.

The third idea that Hind and Jimmy had was to have some of their engagement photos in areas containing graffiti.  This has been a trend the last several years and why not!  If you appreciate graffiti as an art form and you live downtown, it is a part of the city you call home.  Once used for band photos and gritty advertising campaigns, graffitied walls and back alleys are now often used for engagement shoots and wedding photos.  If Calvin Klein can use it, why can’t we?  This of course is not for everyone.  Some people don’t get it and don’t want to.  Ce la vie!  But if urban art is your thing, there are many spots around downtown with a lot of graffiti covering the walls, back alleys and under bridges.  All the photos below where shot by Josh Cornell in just a couple hours!  keep these ideas in mind if you want a few different feelings in a short time.


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