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Alina and Ian

So you want to get married surrounded by vineyards with the smell of fine wine in the air?  The go to response to this request in North America is to have your wedding in Napa Valley, California, or is it?  Yes Canada has it’s own wine growing areas as well that are not only beautiful but have produced award winning wine recognized around the world.  I have photographed weddings in several different wine growing areas of North America.  I can say without a doubt that Niagara on the Lake is just as beautiful, and for Canadians, much more accessible.  In fact the town itself is a picturesque place filled with with photographic opportunities for wedding photographer Josh Cornell to take advantage of.

The happy couple, Alina and Ian chose to have their wedding at The Pillar and Post Inn.  A historical hotel near the heart of Niagara on the Lake.  Everything you need for your perfect day is within a short walking distance from the hotel.  Vineyards, historical buildings, victorian houses, the neighbourhood itself is filled with big beautiful trees and you are a few minutes walk from Lake Ontario’s shore making for hundreds of perfect opportunities for amazing moments to be captured.


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Petra and Dwayne


Josh Cornell had a great afternoon photographing Petra and Dwayne MacDougall’s big day.  They decided to have their wedding and reception at the Knollwood Golf Club located in Ancaster, Ontario.  The area has an “out in the country vibe” and feels like you are further away from Toronto than you are.  This makes it a convenient location for your guests to get to and from Toronto and the surrounding area.

If your idea of the perfect wedding is filled with hand made ornaments with a homemade feel, this rustic wedding has lots of great simple heartfelt ideas.  Some couples even chose to have their bridal party help them make the decorations for their weddings!  Just how involved you are with every detail of your wedding depends on how much time you have and how creative you are.  If making your decorations yourself is not for you don’t worry, there are lots of vendors making decorations for your wedding with that hand made touch your hoping for.

When your getting ready in the morning you will most often chose a location close to your wedding ceremony or reception location.  In this case, Petra and Dwayne decided they wanted their hotel to have the same feeling as their wedding, warm and cozy with a country feel.  They choose to stay and get ready for their wedding the morning of their wedding at the Serenity Bed and Breakfast located west of Ancaster, Ontario.  This B&B feels like its name name suggests, creating a perfect start for a country wedding.
















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Cheryl and Kevin

Cheryl and Kevin were a great couple to work with and it was a nice day out for Josh Cornell to capture some great moments between the two of them.

It can be challenging to find just the right place to do your engagement shoot.  Of course there are pretty parks, old buildings, beaches, and multitude of location choices both personal to us and straight up beautiful to chose from.  It can be fun to use somewhere that is a little different and has a lot of personality, possibly as much personality as you have.

Of course you must have a day where you can spend more time if a location is a little out of the way, but it also makes for a bit of an adventure if you have the right spirit.  Also, the day of your wedding your usually limited to locations which are a short distance from the site of the ceremony or where your reception will be.

Cheryl and Kevin choose to do their engagement shoot at the Great War Flying Museum in Caledon, Ontario.

Using an engagement shoot to not only be somewhere that is great for photographs, but also lets you go on an adventure is definitely a great way to get what you want from your engagement shoot.  New experiences are part of what life is all about!  Remember, the more fun you have while your being photographed, the more good moments you have when you get your pictures back.