Alina and Ian

So you want to get married surrounded by vineyards with the smell of fine wine in the air?  The go to response to this request in North America is to have your wedding in Napa Valley, California, or is it?  Yes Canada has it’s own wine growing areas as well that are not only beautiful but have produced award winning wine recognized around the world.  I have photographed weddings in several different wine growing areas of North America.  I can say without a doubt that Niagara on the Lake is just as beautiful, and for Canadians, much more accessible.  In fact the town itself is a picturesque place filled with with photographic opportunities for wedding photographer Josh Cornell to take advantage of.

The happy couple, Alina and Ian chose to have their wedding at The Pillar and Post Inn.  A historical hotel near the heart of Niagara on the Lake.  Everything you need for your perfect day is within a short walking distance from the hotel.  Vineyards, historical buildings, victorian houses, the neighbourhood itself is filled with big beautiful trees and you are a few minutes walk from Lake Ontario’s shore making for hundreds of perfect opportunities for amazing moments to be captured.


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